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The Innovation in Accounting History Education Award

The intent of the Innovation in Accounting History Education Award is to encourage innovations in accounting history education. The award (a plaque) will be presented to an individual(s) who has developed and implemented an innovative technique/method for incorporating accounting history topics into undergraduate or graduate accounting courses.


Examples of innovative techniques/methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing a case, video, audio or
  • Course syllabus, etc, that can be used to integrate accounting history topics into accounting courses or
  • Presenting a seminar or condensed course on an accounting history topic

To be eligible, the innovation must have been used in a course that the applicant has taught or is currently teaching. Electronic submissions only should include the following items (as applicable):

  • A description of the innovative technique/method;
  • Submission of the case, video, audio or other innovation, as appropriate, and teaching notes;
  • Identification and description of the course or seminar in which the innovation was used; and
  • An explanation of how the innovation has enriched the accounting course being taught.

Deadline for Nominations: June 2, 2014


Send nomiations to: Academy Executive Committee at


Congratulations to the 2013 Recipients!

Donald L. Ariail (Southern Polytechnic State University)

Joseph Durden (Nova Southeastern University)

Marilyn Leathart (Texas A&M University - Central Texas)

Lynette Capman Vasill (Texas A&M University - San Antonio)

For their work on the historical case study published in the area of governmental accounting, “Avondale Estates: A Case Study in Governmental Accounting and Auditing – A Historical Approach”.

From the case study abstract: The seventy-seven years of accounting evolution that separates the audits of 1928 and 2005 under different accounting and auditing standards is examined through a cross-disciplined case study that compares the historical 1928 and the contemporary 2005 financial statements and the accompanying audit reports of Avondale Estates, Georgia.


Past recipeints of the Award:

 2013 Donald Ariail, Southern Polytechnic State University; Joseph Durden, Nova Southeastern University; Marilyn Leathart, Texas A&M University - Central Texas; Lynette Capman Vasill, Texas A&M University - San Antonio
 2012 No Award Presented
 2011 Bob van den Brand, Eddy Cardinaels, Gert Jan Luijten, Ivo van Amelsfoort and Edith Leung, Tilburg University
 2010 Thomas Tyson, St. John Fisher College
 2009 Jayne Bisman, Charles Sturt University and Ellen Uppman, Univerity of Portland
 2008 Robert Bloom, John Carroll University
 2006 No Award Presented
 2004 David Oldroyd, University of Newcastle
 2003 William Samson, University of Alabama
 2001 David S. Deines and David R. Vruwink, Kansas State University


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